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Dr Lagonigro's hands-on approach to treatment resulted in a full and speedy recovery of the full use of my shoulder. He not only provided exceptional treatment but was informative about the causes of the condition and adjustments in daily activities that would help prevent a reoccurrence. I highly recommend AIM Orthopedics and Dr. Lagonigro.

Mary G.

I had a lingering shoulder injury that kept me out of Crossfit. Raffaele assured me that he could get me back into the workouts within 6-8 sessions and he was right! The one on one therapy was a game changer. I have been to physical therapy before at facilities where most of the work was done with the physical therapy assistant and I only saw the physical therapist for 15-20 mins at most. At AIM Orthopedics, Raffaele worked with me one on one for an entire hour. I have been back at Crossfit for a month with absolutely no shoulder pain and this is proof that Raffaele works miracles! I recommend AIM Orthopedics to anyone that wants to get better fast.

Justine B.
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