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Patient Reviews & Testimonials

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"Small town practice, big city expertise. I was required to do some PT and I picked AIM simply because it was near to where I live. It was a great choice on my part. I worked mainly with Dr. Greenwald but the entire staff is great. While very professional, it’s still a laid back and welcoming environment and you’re never made to feel like you’re “just an appointment”. Highly highly recommend! "
Sep 18, 2022
"I have had three back surgeries. I have gone to AIM Orthopedics both before and after surgery. Each time, the experience was helpful and very professionally conducted. Doctor Lagonigro is very knowledgeable and competent, as is the staff, and I would highly recommend him and AIM Orthopedics to anyone in need of post-surgery physical therapy."
Apr 11, 2022

The staff was attentive, extremely helpful, and patient. Maintaining the prescribed exercises and tips on the days between sessions has been of great help. Joints move more smoothly and with far less stiffness.

–Mari K.

My experience with Dr. Lagonigro was exceptional. I walked in with chronic sciatica pain and after a few visits I was feeling great. He gave me a series of exercises to do a few times a week that came organized in an app, which was fantastic. He educated me on the importance of incorporating these practices into my daily routine and making proper adjustments to my posture throughout the day. Dr. L. is insightful and gives you undivided attention during your sessions. Your well-being is his goal. Try out AIM Orthopedics. You’ll be happy you did!

–Lisa V.

When I started physical therapy, I was not sleeping well and couldn’t lift my arm to brush my hair without pain. One month later, I’m back to Zumba classes! Raffaele is friendly, professional, and very competent. I would definitely recommend AIM Orthopedics to anyone needing individualized physical therapy.

–Tina S.

Dr. Lagonigro’s hands-on approach to treatment resulted in a full and speedy recovery of the full use of my shoulder. He not only provided exceptional treatment but was informative about the causes of the condition and adjustments in daily activities that would help prevent a reoccurence. I highly recommend AIM Orthopedics and Dr. Lagonigro.

–Mary G.

I had a lingering shoulder injury that kept me out of Crossfit. Raffaele assured me that he could get me back into the workouts within 6-8 sessions and he was right! The one on one therapy was a game changer. I have been to physical therapy before at facilities where most of the work was done with the physical therapy assistant and I only saw the physical therapist for 15-20 mins at most. At AIM Orthopedics, Raffaele worked with me one on one for an entire hour. I have been back at Crossfit for a month with absolutely no shoulder pain and this is proof that Raffaele works miracles! I recommend AIM Orthopedics to anyone that wants to get better fast.

–Justine B.

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